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978-1-909344-26-6  Published: 2-Sep-13

Rules Of Engagement: a short story

Rules Of Engagement

A long time ago, when Angel was just starting out in the business, an old pro she met lurking in a doorway opposite the Russian embassy in Paris laid down the Rules of Engagement. "Get in. Take the shot. Get out," he'd said, with the careful solemnity of a man not quite sober at ten o'clock in the morning.

To this advice Angel had since added a bitter rider of her own.

Always get the money.


For a limited period, Rules Of Engagement includes a 24-chapter excerpt from ZoŽ Sharp's exciting new standalone crime thriller, The Blood Whisperer, introducing a strong new female protagonist―Kelly Jacks.

978-1-909344-24-2  Published: 2-Apr-13

Last Right: a short story

Last Right

In 'Last Right', a prodigal son, a vanished wife, and a dying patriarch combine in a tale of betrayal and revenge on the Mexican border.

The youth arrived like a peasant, hitching a ride on the flatbed of a rusty pickup to the end of the driveway—two bales of straw, a goat, and an iPod his travelling companions . . .


978-1-909344-25-9  Published: 2-Apr-13

Tell Me: a short story

Tell Me

'Tell Me' is a poignant tale of the meeting between CSI Grace McColl and a young girl found attacked in a local park. The victim may be reluctant to tell Grace who she is and what happened but the evidence will speak for itself and Grace is a very good listener.

'So, where is she?' CSI Grace McColl ducked under the taped cordon at the edge of the crime scene and showed her ID to the uniformed constable . . .


978-1-909344-23-5  Published: 2-Apr-13

The Night Butterflies: a short story

The Night Butterflies

Retired Ďinsuranceí man Tommy Renshaw runs a quiet little bar in Bali, enjoying a dream retirement with girlfriend, Pia. Until an unwelcome visitor arrives to remind him you can never outrun the past—only hope to outlive it . . .

"Last name I woulda picked out for you is somethin' lame as Tommy Renshaw," Manfrotti said, lifting the drink with the fruit and the parasol wedged amid the rapidly melting ice . . .


978-1-909344-22-8  Published: 2-Apr-13

Across The Broken Line: a Charlie Fox short story

Across The Broken Line

In 'Across The Broken Line' we follow Charlie Fox through a fragmented timescale of cross and double-cross as she fights to keep her principal alive—whoever that might be.

Shoving a loaded gun into someone's face is never going to make you friends but it certainly works for influencing people . . .


978-1-909344-05-1  Published: 2-Apr-13

FOX FIVE: a Charlie Fox short story collection


This collection includes five short stories available for purchase individually and listed on this page. They are 'A Bridge Too Far', 'Postcards From Another Country', 'Served Cold' (a finalist for the CWA Short Story Dagger), 'Off Duty,' and 'Truth And Lies.'


978-1-909344-27-3  Published: 2-Apr-13

A Bridge Too Far: from the FOX FIVE Charlie Fox short story collection

A Bridge Too Far

In 'A Bridge Too Far' we meet Charlie Fox before sheís become a professional in the world of close protection. When she agrees to hang out with the local Dangerous Sports Club, she has no idea it will soon live up to its name.

I watched with a kind of horrified fascination as the boy climbed onto the narrow parapet . . .


978-1-909344-28-0  Published: 2-Apr-13

Postcards From Another Country: from the FOX FIVE Charlie Fox short story collection

Postcards From Another Country

'Postcards From Another Country' has Charlie Fox guarding the ultra-rich Dempsey family against attempted assassination—no matter where the danger lies.

Somebody once said that the rich are another country—they do things differently there . . .


978-1-909344-29-7  Published: 2-Apr-13

Served Cold: from the FOX FIVE Charlie Fox short story collection

Served Cold

A finalist for the CWA Short Story Dagger, 'Served Cold' puts another tough woman centre stage—the mysterious Layla, with betrayal in her past and murder in her heart.

Layla's curse, as she saw it, was that she had an utterly fabulous body attached to an instantly forgettable face . . .


978-1-909344-30-3  Published: 2-Apr-13

Off Duty: from the FOX FIVE Charlie Fox short story collection

Off Duty

'Off Duty' finds Charlie Fox taking time away from close protection after injury. She still finds trouble, even in an out-of-season health spa in the Catskill Mountains.

The guy who'd just tried to kill me didn't look like much . . .


978-1-909344-31-0  Published: 2-Apr-13

Truth And Lies: from the FOX FIVE Charlie Fox short story collection

Truth And Lies

'Truth And Lies' puts all Charlie Foxís skills and ingenuity to the test as she has to single-handedly extract a news team from a rapidly escalating war zone. At 12,000 words, it is almost a novella.

As long as they didn't strip-search me at the airport . . .