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The World of ZoŽ Sharp − Author of the Charlie Fox Thriller Series

DIE EASY: Charlie Fox book ten

"Did you think you'd be any safer here, Fox? Did you think anybody was going to stand up for you when they never did before?"


In the sweating heat of Louisiana, former Special Forces soldier turned bodyguard, Charlie Fox, faces her toughest challenge yet.

Professionally, sheís at the top of her game, but her personal life is in ruins. Her lover, bodyguard Sean Meyer, has woken from a gunshot-induced coma with his memory in tatters. It seems that piecing back together the relationship they shared is proving harder for him than relearning the intricacies of the close-protection business.

. . . once again, in Die Easy, ZoŽ Sharp is at the top of her game
New York Times best-selling author, Harlan Coben

Working with Sean again was never going to be easy for Charlie, either, but a celebrity fundraising event in aid of still-ravaged areas of New Orleans should have been the ideal opportunity for them both to take things nice and slow.

Until, that is, they find themselves thrust into the middle of a war zone.

When an ambitious robbery explodes into a deadly hostage situation, the motive may be far more complex than simple greed. Somebody has a major score to settle, and Sean is part of the reason. Only trouble is, he doesnít remember why.

And when Charlie finds herself facing a nightmare from her own past, she realises she canít rely on Sean to watch her back. This time, sheís got to fight it out on her own.

One thing is for certain, though − no matter how overwhelming the odds stacked against her, or however hopeless the situation may appear, Charlie is never going to die easy.

From the author's notebook

One of my favourite movies from years ago has to be Die Hard with Bruce Willis, and Iíve always had in mind that one day I would write a book that saw Charlie in an enclosed space with a load of bad guys after her, and she had to evade capture while thwarting their plans.

Wrecked schoolbuses in New Orleans scrapyard
Wrecked school buses are a poignant reminder of the devastation wreaked on New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina. Quite a contrast to the sophistication of the French Quarter, inundated at the time but rapidly restored to its former splendour.
New Orleans French Quarter

On top of that, Iíve wanted to write a book set in New Orleans for a long time. When we visited NOLA (New Orleans LouisiAna) in summer 2010, we were struck by the marked dividing line between rich and poor, between the tourist areas that were all Ďbusiness as usualí and other areas that seemed to have been abandoned by the rest of America. It would be very easy, I thought, for people living here to become bitter and angry about being forgotten. And then what?

And when I was looking for a logical next job for Charlie after FIFTH VICTIM, I realised it was the perfect time to use this location and this story.

Charlie goes into the events of this book with her life in turmoil. Sean is awake from his coma but is a long way from the man she knew and loved. He has lost a chunk of his recent memories after the gunshot injury that almost killed him. He seems to have reset to his time in the army with all the inherent problems for Charlie that state of mind poses.

So, this book is my own personal version of Die Hard, with Sean himself as Charlieís Ďbare feetí handicap. As New Orleans is known as the Big Easy, what else could I call it but DIE EASY?

One final point: Tom and Marie OíDay, who play such a large role in DIE EASY, bid for that right in the charity auction at the Left Coast Crime convention in Santa Fe, March 2011. Their bid helped to support the ReadWest Inc charity, encouraging adult literacy in New Mexico.