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Reviews of FOX HUNTER: Charlie Fox book twelve

'ZoŽ Sharp delivers one knockout action scene after another in her rough-and-tumble geopolitical thriller … muscular, punchy style … fierce in its themes of female empowerment … an intense thriller'
Scott Neuffer, reviewing for ShelfAwareness, online magazine for book industry professionals

'ZoŽ Sharp delivers one knockout action scene after another in her rough-and-tumble geopolitical thriller, Fox Hunter. Part of the Charlie Fox series, the novel is set in the Middle East, in Iraq and Jordan, and parts of Europe. After an ex-colleague turns up dead, tortured and mutilated, Charlie, an ex-special forces soldier who works for a private security firm in New York, is sent to Iraq to investigate. Navigating the shady machinations of private military contractors in the war-torn country, Charlie struggles to find people to trust as she pieces together the clues. The murder leads her to a tragic incident in her past, when she was raped and forced out of the military, and she wonders if her former lover Sean Meyer, seen leaving the scene of the murder, is exacting revenge on her behalf.

'Sharp writes with a muscular, punchy style that matches the novel's hardboiled plot. She has a canny way of describing her characters under extreme pressure: one character "scrubbed his palms up and down his face as if to clear the grit of weariness." In another instance, Charlie describes how "the acid in my stomach leached out in my voice."

'Sharp's action scenes—there are many—are deftly rendered and punchy. Discovering a string of brutal rapes in Iraq (with similarities to her own), Charlie comes face-to-face with the cruel realities of patriarchy in certain parts of the world—most horrifically exemplified when a victim is mutilated by her own father for bringing shame upon her family.

'Dogged in its sense of justice and fierce in its themes of female empowerment, Fox Hunter is an intense thriller.'

'ZoŽ Sharp's tough-as-nails Charlie Fox returns in the latest thriller in this energetic series.
Highly recommended'
Ace American reviewer and long-time Charlie Fox fan, Gloria Feit

'Zoe Sharp's tough-as-nails Charlie Fox returns this summer in the latest thriller in this energetic series: "Fox Hunter", which finds the indomitable ex-special forces soldier on a mission into the Iraqi countryside to track down a missing comrade-in-arms.

'Special forces soldier-turned-bodyguard Charlotte "Charlie" Fox can never forget the men who put a brutal end to her military career, but a long time ago, she vowed she would not go looking for them.† Now she doesnít have a choice.† Her boss, Sean Meyer, is missing in Iraq, where one of those men was working as a private security contractor. When the man's butchered body is discovered, Charlie fears that Sean may be pursuing a twisted vendetta on her behalf. Charlie's close protection" agency in New York needs this dealt with—fast and quiet—before everything theyíve worked for goes to ruins. They send Charlie to the Middle East with very specific instructions: Find Sean Meyer and stop him—by whatever means necessary.

'At one time Charlie thought she knew Sean better than she knew herself, but it seems he's turned into a violent stranger. He was always ruthless, but is he capable of such savage acts of slaughter?† As the trail grows ever bloodier, Charlie realizes that she is not the only one after Sean and, unless she can get to him first, the hunter may soon become the hunted.

'In its early pages, this newest Charlie Fox novel describes a series of suspense-filled, exciting chase scenes, the initial outcome not a good one. We are allowed to see occasional displays of Charlie's vulnerability, especially apparent where Sean is concerned.

'The only blurb on the front cover, from Lee Child, captures her completely: "If Jack Reacher were a woman, he'd be Charlie Fox." What more can—or needs to—be said?

'Highly recommended.'

'Wow! This book will keep you up all night . . . The MUST READ book for 2017'
5-star Amazon review by Seeley James, creator of strong female protagonist Pia Sabel in the Sabel Security thriller series

'Wow! This book will keep you up all night. I've always been a huge Zoe Sharp fan who inhales every Charlie Fox novel as it rolls off the presses. Read this book and you'll be hooked on Charlie Fox for life. Despite being twelfth in a series, this book can stand alone. An avid reader will find the answers to a lot of series-questions. At the same time, a new reader will enjoy it as a deep dive into a trauma both personal and societal.

'Friends and lovers seem like strangers, victims are victimized, muddy accusations cover horrid violence, ancient artifacts are plundered -- this story covers everything. FOX HUNTER takes tough issues head on without preaching or ducking away from the truth. Ms. Sharp expertly contrasts brutality against women by exposing cultural differences between Western and Islamic societies that are sickening in their similarity.

'This book is so good you'll give it to friends as a Christmas present. But why wait?'

'Everything great about the Reacher books is true here—pulse-pounding action, complex mystery and brilliant hero(ine)'
Five-star review reproduced by kind permission of ace reviewer, Aisling on goodreads.

'As a huge fan of Lee Child's Jack Reacher series, I wanted this book solely on the fact that the quote on the front by Mr. Child says: "If Jack Reacher were a woman, he would be Charlie Fox." And wow does Ms. Sharp not disappoint.

'Everything great about The Reacher books is true here—pulse pounding action, complex mystery and brilliant hero(ine). Charlie Fox is like a British and female version of Reacher; she is contained and lethal, principled and somewhat unpredictable. Sharp does atmosphere (Iraq, Jordan, Bulgaria) so well I felt the heat or bitter cold. Dialogue is whip smart. But add to that; a truly great writer can make the 12th in a series readable as a stand alone.

'How in the world did no one tell me about this series before? SO, so happy I found a new series as awesome as the Reacher series and this one's a kick-ass woman! Five stars unreservedly.'

'Gritty, hard-hitting, all-around outstanding crime fiction.'
Michele Leber, Booklist starred review

'Charlie Fox is on a mission that brings back a painful episode in her past. Years earlier she was raped by four of her fellow Special Forces trainees—Donalson, Hackett, Morton and Clay—with charges against them dropped by the colonel in command. Now Clay is found mutilated and murdered in Iraq shortly after Sean Meyer—Charlie's former sergeant and lover and current boss— was seen nearby.

'With Sean a suspect for seeking revenge on her behalf, Charlie is tasked with finding and stopping him, knowing that he has changed since being shot in the head and lying comatose for months. Charlie soon ascertains Sean's innocence but determines that she must prove it by finding the real killer. Despite her injuries from a previous assignment, Charlie ignores IEDs, ambushes, and a warning to go home. Instead she teams up with three other strong women in thwarting the smuggling of Iraq antiquities, bringing Clay's murderer to justice, nabbing men raping Iraqi women, and revealing the misogny at the heart of her own assaults.

'Charlie is a highly skilled killer, well aware of her capability for violence, with a moral underpinning that adds to her complexity, particularly here.

'Gritty, hard-hitting, all-around outstanding crime fiction.'

'Nonstop action and an intricate plot weave together to create another thrill ride for fans of Sharp's heroine.'
Kirkus Reviews, self-styled "The World's Toughest Book Critics"

'Charlotte "Charlie" Fox (Absence of Light, 2016, etc), a tough-as-beef-jerky former British soldier who works private security, travels to Iraq to find her former lover in Sharp's latest meticulously detailed adventure. Charlie left the military in disgrace following her rape at the hands of four of her former squad-mates, but she wasn't the only one affected by the incident. Another Special Forces soldier, Sean Meyer, also lost his career due to the blowback and eventually became Charlie's lover. Sean formed Armstrong-Meyer, a successful security partnership with Parker Armstrong, and Charlie also went to work there.

'Following a shooting, Sean and Charlie split, and as this book opens, Parker has despatched her to Iraq, where Sean's gone missing, to try to track him down and determine whether or not he killed Michael Clay, one of the men who raped Charlie. While looking into Clay's death, Charlie meets another former soldier named Luisa Dawson, who sets off with Charlie to piece together what happened to Clay and why. Dawson, another woman in a heavily male profession, and Charlie are abducted and warned off the investigation by a group of brutal and heavily armed Russians who won't tell the women why they're interested in Clay's death or why they want them gone. Soon, Charlie and Dawson are on a convoluted trail involving a ghost from Charlie's past and some missing artifacts

'Charlie is no girly-girl; she's tough, driven, and very, very deadly. Sharp's series featuring the troubled and violent Charlie stands out for its knowledgeable and convincing situations and well-crafted action sequences. When Charlie talks tactics, weapons, or reconnaissance, it rings true. Sharp writes her as emotionally disillusioned and vulnerable but never helpless. Charlie's more likely to do the rescuing than to be bailed out herself.

'Nonstop action and an intricate plot weave together to create another thrill ride for fans of Sharp's heroine—though the book is heavily dependent on back story that readers of her previous adventures will find easier to follow.'