Day4 of the DANCING ON THE GRAVE #BlogTour finds me at Literal Addiction’s Book Blasts and More page. Although the website tends to lean towards the paranormal genre in fiction, reviewer Sara Weiss was quickly hooked by this story:

The author wrote an interesting blog the other day about where to start with reading her books because of how her characters have grown. Here’s a link if you are interested in the discussion. The reason I mention it, is because this book is the perfect place to start if Ms. Sharp is a new author to you. 

DANCING ON THE GRAVE is a standalone police procedural set in the English countryside. The setting is lovely and well described but not overly done so as to be distracting. The story changes POV, and all of the characters are fully developed and interesting people. This is not a thriller in the typical action-packed way; however, I think it is billed that way because of the Charlie Fox series, which is also penned by Zoë Sharp. 
The first chapter grabs you immediately, and you suddenly find yourself hooked.  I have to put in a warning, however. The first murder victim is a dog that had been killing a flock of sheep. So…I guess the sheep were actually the first victims. Once the dog died, I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep reading, I am a serious animal lover! But the book is worth continuing—well worth it…