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Zoë Sharp Dancing on the Grave Audio

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a standalone crime thriller featuring CSI Grace McColl and DC Nick Weston.
Impeccably narrated by Lewis Hancock

"I’m used to cool, hard killers—in fiction that is—but I don’t think I’ve ever come across a cool, hard killer as vulnerable as Edith Airey… Bisley-grade crack-shot, she could drop you at half a mile…yet she’s seventeen, the only, lonely child of a dysfunctional family (otherwise known as having a slob for a father) in one of the wilder corners of a wild England. Now…read on…"

John Lawton, bestselling author of the Joe Wilderness and Inspector Troy thrillers

zoe sharp fox hunter audio


Charlie Fox book twelve

"Gritty, hard-hitting, all-around outstanding crime fiction"

Booklist starred review

zoe sharp the blood whisperer audio

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An exciting standalone crime thriller from Zoë Sharp introducing another strong female protagonist—Kelly Jacks.

"The Blood Whisperer is a cracking, compulsive read: once you've read the electrifying first few pages, you'll probably develop intense feelings of annoyance towards anyone or anything that takes you away from it and the wonderful, gutsy, spiky heroine. I loved every word of this brilliant, mind-twisting thriller and even yelped out loud at one of the genius twists."

Bestselling crime author, Elizabeth Haynes

zoe sharp die easy audio


Charlie Fox book ten

"Zoë Sharp is one of the sharpest, coolest, and most intriguing writers I know. She delivers dramatic, action-packed novels with characters we really care about. And once again, in DIE EASY, Zoë Sharp is at the top of her game."

New York Times best-seller, Harlan Coben

zoe sharp fifth victim audio


Charlie Fox book nine

"Books do not get better than this. If you haven’t read Zoë Sharp before, you are missing out on a real treat. FIFTH VICTIM is one of her very best. To say it is outstanding is an understatement."

Rated A+ by Ted Hertel, Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine
(the only book he has ever accorded an A+ review)

zoe sharp riot act audio


Charlie Fox book two

" If you're looking for an author who can deliver high-octane thrills every time and a character who is NOT to be messed with, you've found them. Zoë Sharp and Charlie Fox both kick ass."

Mark Billingham, author of the DI Thorne series

zoe sharp killer instinct audio


Charlie Fox book one

"Charlie looks like a made-for-TV model, with her red hair and motorcycle leathers, but Sharp means business. The bloody bar fights are bloody brilliant, and Charlie’s skills are both formidable and for real."

Marilyn Stasio, New York Times