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Most Extreme Weather on Record


As climate change starts to move up a gear, so we begin to experience greater extremes of weather. Even in the normally temperate UK, last month’s heatwave has given way to torrential rain, high winds, and flooding. (Yeah, welcome to August.)


I’ve been interested in extreme weather for many years. In fact, one of the things I’ve always wanted to do is go tornado chasing. Just as long as I didn’t have to get too close.

But, with this in mind, I wondered what were the most extreme instances of extreme weather that had ever been recorded. And if you’ve wondered about that, too, read on…


When it comes to the worst recorded rain, it rather depends on how you choose to measure it. The most rain in one minute, for instance, was 31.2mm/1.23in in July 1956 in Unionville, Maryland. Holt, Missouri had the most in an hour—305mm/12in in June 1947.

When it comes to really being hit by rain, however, you need to go to the island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean during cyclone season. During Tropical Cyclone Denise in January 1966, Cilaos on Réunion recorded 1825mm/71.9in of rain in 24 hours. In January 1980, Cyclone Hyacinthe brought Commerson the most rain in a single tropical storm—a whopping 6433mm/253.3in. And Cyclone Gamede hit the same place again in 2007, this time dumping a record 4869mm/191.7mm of rain in four days.

Just in case you were wondering, the least rainy place on record is Quillagua in Chile, which receives less than 0.2mm/0.0079in per year.


The most snow within a twenty-four-hour period was in Capracotta, Italy in March 2015, when 2.56m/100.8in fell. The most in a calendar month was 9.91m/390in in Tamarack, California in January 1911.

The widest area ever covered by a single snowfall was when between 1-76mm/0-30in fell across nine countries in South Africa in August 2012. The deepest snowfall recorded was on Mt Ibuki in Japan in February 1927 when 11.82m/38.8ft was recorded.

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New crime thriller out AND Sneak Peek of Charlie Fox

At the Sharp End…

News from Zoë Sharp and Charlie Fox

So far, so good! #fingerscrossed

Couldn’t resist dropping you a quick email to thank everyone who preordered copies of the brand new standalone crime thriller, DANCING ON THE GRAVE, my take on the Washington Sniper story but set in the English Lake District, which came out last weekend.

So far, the responses have been very encouraging, with a great review from Ted Hertel Jr coming out soon in Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine: “Zoë Sharp, author of the outstanding Charlie Fox series, is one of the best, and most underrated, thriller writers around. This book proves that she should be better known. Creating suspense from the opening line right through to the novel’s bloody denouement, Sharp knows how to keep readers turning the pages. She understands people and what drives them to act, weapons and how they work, action and how to write it.” Read the full review here.

And praise indeed from Mike Ripley in his Getting Away With Murder column for Shots Crime & Thriller eZine: “Zoë Sharp…has shown that writing tough, action-packed thrillers is no longer exclusively a boys’ club.”

Linda Wilson of Crime Review UK said: “A thriller that delivers on all levels. I found it impossible to walk away until I knew the end of the story.”

Reader Reactions:

If you haven’t yet read DANCING ON THE GRAVE, you can check out an excerpt from the story here.

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Blog Tour underway

I’ve been invited to participate as a guest on various blog sites around the world, either in the form of articles, Q&A sessions, or reviews for DANCING ON THE GRAVE. These started off on Monday, July 09 with a piece I wrote for Shotsmag Confidential on ‘Kick-Ass Heroines You Should Read’. Tuesday’s stop is with ElementaryVWatson on ‘The Story Behind The Story’. There’s a new stop on the tour every day until July 22, so I hope you’ll join me somewhere along the way. The full list of dates is here.

Sneak Peek!

In my last newsletter, I promised you some Sneak Peeks at future and ongoing books, so here’s the first of them. I am in the final stages of preparing the Charlie Fox prequel, TRIAL UNDER FIRE, for publication. Before it’s actually public, however, here’s a link (link available only to subscribers to my newsletter mailing list) to the secret book page on my website, where you’ll be able to read more about the book, including an excerpt that’s currently exclusive to you, my newsletter subscribers, as a thank you for your patience and enthusiasm for all things Charlie Fox.

Be sure to bookmark the page if you want to go back to it, though, because for the moment it’s hidden on the site and not included on the main menu.

Next up: Charlie Fox

I’m working on the next instalment in the Charlie Fox series as we speak—I can’t believe this will be book #13. I intend to put more hidden pages containing Sneak Peeks of the new story as I go. Stay tuned!


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