The new standalone crime thriller, DANCING ON THE GRAVE, is now out. I’ll be talking about the story behind the book, going in-depth on some of the characters, explaining the setting and answering questions on this story and on writing in general, on my upcoming blog tour.

Starting on July 09, there will either be a guest blog article or a review on the following sites every day until July 22. It should be a fortnight of fun. I hope you’ll join me!

Day1: 9th July
Shotsmag Confidential with Ayo Onatade: Guest Post on Kick-Ass Heroines Who Should be Read

Day2: 10th July
Elementary V Watson with Victoria Watson: Guest Post on The Story Behind The Story

Day3: 11th July
By the Letter Book Reviews: review by Sarah Hardy

Day4: 12th July
Literal Addiction: review by Sara Weiss

Day5: 13th July
Blue Book Balloon: Guest Post Q&A with David Harris

Day6: 14th July
Crime Book Junkie: review by Noelle Holten

Day7: 15th July
Jen Meds Book Reviews: review by Jen Lucas

Day8: 16th July
Liz Loves Books: review by Liz Barnsley

Day9: 17th July
Hair Past a Freckle Book Reviews with Karen Cole: Guest Post on The Setting For The Story

Day10: 18th July
Growing Younger Each Day: Guest Post Q&A with Judith Baxter

Day11: 19th July
Anne Bonny Book Reviews with Abby Slater-Fairbrother: Guest Post on the Character of Edith

Day12: 20th July
Book and More Books: review by Judith Baxter

Day13: 21st July
It Is Purely My Opinion: review by LJ Roberts

Day14: 22nd July
Sean’s Book Reviews: review by Sean Talbot