Northern Crime Syndicate podcast interview

I was very pleased to be invited to take part in a recent podcast interview with fellow crime thriller authors Adam Peacock (writing name, A.M. Peacock) and Judith O’Reilly, who are part of the Northern Crime Syndicate.

(The NCS is a group of crime authors, not a criminal enterprise, although I understand they have been looking at the lease on a hollowed-out volcano somewhere near Tyneside…)

‘Episode 4 of the Northern Crime Syndicate podcast, hosted by Adam Peacock and co-hosted by Judith O’Reilly, features thriller writer Zoë Sharp. Zoë’s series, featuring protagonist Charlie Fox, has received high praise, with Lee Child stating that Fox is the female Jack Reacher. Join us as we discuss Zoë’s early influences, her journey into crime writing and much, much more…’