I was very pleased to be invited to take part in a recent podcast interview with fellow crime thriller authors Adam Peacock (writing name, A.M. Peacock) and Judith O’Reilly, who are part of the Northern Crime Syndicate.

(The NCS is a group of crime authors, not a criminal enterprise, although I understand they have been looking at the lease on a hollowed-out volcano somewhere near Tyneside…)

‘Episode 4 of the Northern Crime Syndicate podcast, hosted by Adam Peacock and co-hosted by Judith O’Reilly, features thriller writer Zoë Sharp. Zoë’s series, featuring protagonist Charlie Fox, has received high praise, with Lee Child stating that Fox is the female Jack Reacher. Join us as we discuss Zoë’s early influences, her journey into crime writing and much, much more…’


Every week, Mark DeWayne Combs interviews a different author in an indepth interview that takes in their writing, background, and latest books. It was a pleasure to talk to Mark and an honour to be invited to take part in the show. If you’d like to listen to the podcast, you can find it here.

I’m delighted to be a guest of Niki Mackay author of I, WITNESS, for an interview on Female-led Crime Series, where we discuss the influences that brought about the character of Charlie Fox.


Female-led crime series: Charlie Fox – Interview with author Zoë Sharp


I’ve been interviewing authors who write female-led crime series, and starting us off is Zoë Sharp who writes the Charlie (Charlotte) Fox series.

Niki Mackay: Did you consciously decide to write a female-led series?

Zoë Sharp: Thanks so much for inviting me onto the blog, Niki! Did I consciously decide to write a female-led series? Yes, absolutely. The role of women in crime fiction has always fascinated me. They tend to be the victims—the ones having violence done to them rather than the ones perpetrating the violence. Writing a female main character who discovers she is capable of extremes of violence under the right circumstances, and following her journey, felt like a really interesting idea to explore.

NM: If so, why?

ZS: I loved to read thrillers growing up, but I was always frustrated by the female characters—they seemed to scream and fall over and require rescuing by the guys rather too much for my taste. I wanted to read about a woman who was more than capable of rescuing herself. Or, better still, someone the men would turn to when they needed rescuing. At that time, I couldn’t really find the kind of character I wanted to read about, so I decided I was going to have to write my own. Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Fox was the result. Paul Goat Allen in the Chicago Tribune described her as: “Ill-tempered, aggressive and borderline psychotic, Fox is also compassionate, introspective and highly principled: arguably one of the most enigmatic—and coolest—heroines in contemporary genre fiction.”

NM: How did the idea for your protagonist’s background come to you?

ZS: At the time I started writing about Charlie, back in the mid-1990s, the scandal of the hazing of trainees at the military barracks at Deepcut was just beginning to break. I’d heard all the arguments against women in the forces—and am still hearing them, to be honest—and Charlie’s background grew out of a combination of those elements. I wanted somebody who had the ability to kill, but who was denied an official outlet for that skill, as the army would have given her. Where does she go from there?

Read the whole of this Q&A on Niki’s website.

Niki Mackay-I Witness


My thanks today go to Judith Baxter at Growing Younger Each Day, who has not one but two book blogs and has been a fan of the Charlie Fox books for some time. She’s keeping me in suspense as to what she thinks of DANCING ON THE GRAVE, though, which she will be reviewing on Books And More Books on July 20. Fingers crossed until then!


Those of you who have followed my blog for some time, know that I am a fan of Zoë Sharp,  and particularly her protagonist Charlie Fox. Well, now Zoë has created and published a stand-alone novel, DANCING ON THE GRAVE. If you would like to read an excerpt from the book, click here.

I looked forward to reading this book and must thank Ayo Onatade for inviting me to join the tour and to Zoë for providing an advance copy of the book for review.

My review of the book will be available on July 20 my other site, Books & More Books.

Meantime, because I have a need to know, I asked Zoë a few questions about this book and some other things.

JB        Hello Zoë, and thanks for agreeing to answer my questions. I hope they are not too intrusive.

After the series on Charlie Fox, was it time to take a break and write another stand alone?

ZS        Well, this is not so much ‘after’ as ‘in between’. I’m currently writing the next Charlie Fox, which will be book #13 in the series. Plus, I have the prequel waiting in the wings, so Charlie Fox is still very much alive and kicking. But, it certainly makes you appreciate the familiar more when you take a break from it, I think. It’s been lovely getting back inside Charlie’s head. She has a dry, somewhat laconic sense of humour that makes her voice so distinctive for me as I’m writing.

All the Charlie Fox books, with the exception of a couple of the short stories, are told from first-person Point Of View. Being able to get inside the heads of other characters to tell the story from another perspective is very appealing at times. There are quite a few stories percolating through my brain that can’t be told within the framework of the series, so for those I need to step outside. I couldn’t have told Kelly Jacks’ story in THE BLOOD WHISPERER any other way than third-person POV, and although having a sniper on the loose might have worked very well as a threat for Charlie Fox to face in her capacity as a bodyguard, I would certainly not have been able to go into the mind-set of the peripheral characters as deeply as I’ve been able to do in DANCING ON THE GRAVE.

To read the rest of Judith’s extensive Q&A, please click here.


The new standalone crime thriller, DANCING ON THE GRAVE, is now out. I’ll be talking about the story behind the book, going in-depth on some of the characters, explaining the setting and answering questions on this story and on writing in general, on my upcoming blog tour.

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