The Washington Sniper in the English Lake District: new standalone crime thriller!

My new standalone crime thriller DANCING ON THE GRAVE is now out (July 1st 2018). It’s my take on the Washington Sniper attacks of a few years ago, but set in the calm tranquillity of the English Lake District. A story about how far people will go in the name of revenge, out of a sense of loyalty, to achieve their dreams (however warped those dreams might seem to the outside world) or when faced with what they deem to be the ultimate betrayal.

This book has been a long time in its gestation period, and I’m delighted that it’s finally emerged, blinking, into the light with another stunning cover by Jane Hudson at NuDesign.

The premise of the book is best summed up by the jacket copy:

In one of the most beautiful corners of England, something very ugly is about to take place.

A sniper with a mission…
a young cop with nothing to lose…
a CSI with everything to prove…
a teenage girl with a terrifying obsession…

There’s a killer on the loose in the Lake District, and the calm of an English summer is shattered.

For newly qualified Crime Scene Investigator Grace McColl, it’s both the start of a nightmare and the chance to prove herself after a mistake that cost a life.

For Detective Constable Nick Weston, recently transferred from London, it’s an opportunity to recover his nerve after a disastrous undercover operation left him for dead.

And for a lonely, loveless teenage girl, Edith, it’s the start of a twisted fantasy—one she never dreamed might come true.

You can read an excerpt of the novel here.

This departure from the Charlie Fox series is not the end of the line for Charlie, by any means. The prequel, TRIAL UNDER FIRE, will be out very soon, and the next instalment, following on from last year’s FOX HUNTER: #12, is already on the drawing board. Plus another standalone thriller—still with a strong female protagonist, but otherwise very different from anything I’ve written before…

DANCING ON THE GRAVE is available on Kindle, ePub, or in Print.

zoe sharp trial under fire

Coming soon! The untold story of Charlie Fox: the early years

Fans of Charlie Fox often ask me about her formative years and the events that led to her being thrown out of the British Army. I’ve always said I would never write that particular story, and I still stick by my word. For one thing, anyone who’s read any of the series knows how that part of her life ended. Badly. I deliberately chose to set the first book, Killer Instinct, at a turning point for her—the moment when she stops thinking of herself as a victim and starts to fight back.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a story to be told of Charlie’s time in the army and one that has a far more positive spin. At the time she fell into disgrace, Charlie had passed her Selection course and was undergoing training for Special Forces. (In reality, women in the UK are still not eligible for such training, but hey, this is my world, right?)

So, what did she do to earn her chance to go forward for Selection in the first place?

That question did nag away at me. After all, it must have been something out of the ordinary. Something above and beyond even the normal levels of courage and skill expected of any soldier in the military. It must have highlighted an aptitude Charlie already possessed, even if her much-vaunted killer instinct was nowhere near as well developed as in later books.

Well, soon you’ll have your chance to find out.

Trial Under Fire is a 33,000-word novella detailing a never-before-told period in Charlie’s regular army career. Back when she was just a signaller on a routine night patrol in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

What happened next would send her on a wild ride and change the course of her life forever.

The prequel novella will be out shortly in digital format. For the time being, I intend to make it exclusive to those loyal readers who’ve signed up for my e-newsletter, as a way of saying thank you for being fans of Charlie Fox.

Watch this space…

Booklist starred review

Reviews that encourage a writer to keep on writing…

Writers love compliments from their readers and are rather susceptible to praise from perceptive reviewers…

'Gritty, hard-hitting, all-around outstanding crime fiction.'—Michele Leber, Booklist starred review

'Nonstop action and an intricate plot weave together to create another thrill ride for fans of Sharp's heroine.'—Kirkus Reviews

'Fox Hunter has been a long time coming and Sharp has made damned sure her fans aren't disappointed. If you like a kick-ass heroine with more demons than Lucifer himself, this is the book for you.'—5-star review by Graham Smith at

'A real corker of a tale for long-term fans and new readers alike… action-packed, adrenalin-filled but with plenty of depth and thoughtulness… A very good read.'—New Zealand blogger Craig Sisterson in Crime Watch

'Zoë Sharp writes some of the best—if not the best—thrillers currently produced. This book is truly a remarkable accomplishment… Do not miss this outstanding series.'—Ted Hertel (Rating 'A')

'The relationships between characters are as intriguing as the action scenes are realistic… Fox Hunter is a consummate thriller, with believable action and finely-honed dialogue.'—Linda Wilson for