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...high-octane climax to a gripping story

Susanna Yager, The Sunday Telegraph

‘If you stay involved with Sean Meyer you will end up killing again,’ my father said. ‘And next time, Charlotte, you might not get away with it.’

Still bearing the emotional scars from her traumatic first bodyguarding job in the States, Charlie Fox returns to her former home to try and work out both her personal and professional future. Instead of the peace for which she’s been hoping, Charlie is immediately caught up in the aftermath of a fatal bike crash involving one of her closest friends.

The more she probes, the more she suspects that the accident was far from accidental—and the more she finds herself relying on the support of her troubled boss, Sean Meyer, despite her misgivings over the wisdom of resuming their relationship. And Charlie’s got enough on her plate trying to work out who suddenly wants her dead. The only way to find out is to infiltrate a group of illegal road racers who appear hell-bent on living fast and dying young.

Taking risks is something that ex-Special Forces soldier Charlie Fox knows all about, but doing it just for kicks seems like asking for trouble. By the time she finds out what’s really at stake, she might be too late to stop them all becoming road kill…

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ASIN: B08GCSGJWT     eBook: 9781909344495     Print: 9781909344501

Don’t take my word for it…

“It’s really quite impossible to put this book down, but what really makes this (and the whole series) shine is how Charlie’s kickass skills are rooted in her own femininity and character.”—Sarah Weinman, Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind

“There’s a high-octane climax to this entertaining story, in which Charlie once more displays her courage and ingenuity.”—Susanna Yager, The Sunday Telegraph

Buy ROAD KILL Now—And Enjoy!
Amazon Hive IndieBound NOOK Goodreads Reviews