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Zoë Sharp and Charlie Fox both kick ass

Best-selling crime author, Mark Billingham

“The last thing they’ll do is get us out of here. Can’t afford to. We could tell too many stories. Stories they want to stay buried with us…”

A major earthquake sees ex-Special Forces soldier-turned-bodyguard Charlie Fox on a transport plane headed for the scene of devastation. Tasked as security advisor to the specialist team at the centre of relief efforts, Charlie knows the team members put themselves in constant danger as a matter of course. Her job is to find out what kind of other risks they’re prepared to take.

Her predecessor conveniently died while investigating rumours that the team were stealing from the dead. Now she’s been instructed to quietly uncover whether his death was as accidental as the official verdict suggests. Because, if it was an accident, why is everyone so obviously lying to her?

Charlie must seek answers amid the shifting and lawless landscape, before there are more than just earthquake victims buried in the rubble…

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ASIN: B08TRTPK31     eBook: 9781909344778     Print: 9781909344785

Don’t take my word for it…

“The most addictive of series.”—It’s A Crime

“Sharp has injected this stunning novella with an incredible sense of place. Her depiction of an earthquake’s aftermath is exemplary such are the obviously researched details, vivid descriptive passages and the strength of her character’s narrative… The pace of the story never lets up for a second and while Sharp’s prose is easy on the eye, it carries a powerhouse punch.”—Graham Smith, crimesquad five-star review

“Charlie Fox is a heroine you can root for, a rare combination of coolness, strength, and heart.”—NYT bestselling crime author, Alafair Burke

Buy ABSENCE OF LIGHT Now―and Enjoy!
Amazon Hive IndieBound Nook Goodreads Reviews