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The bloody bar fights are bloody brilliant!

Marilyn Stasio, NEW YORK TIMES

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Charlie Fox was no good at being the nice girl her parents wanted, so she joined the British Army and acquired a whole new set of skills. And just when she thought she’d found her calling, she was dishonoured, disgraced, discharged.

Now she puts those painful, hard-won lessons to good use, teaching self-defence to battered women in a local refuge―passing on the finer points of breaking bones when running simply isn’t an option.

Her abilities come in even handier when she takes a security job on the doors at the New Adelphi, a hot nightclub with a charismatic owner.

And they come in handiest of all when her work brings her to the attention of a vicious rapist who’s stalking women at both the nightclub and the refuge. Will those skills be enough to save her―and those she cares about most?

ASIN: B005IX42X0   eBook: 9781909344167   Paperback: 9781909344174

Don’t take my word for it…

“Combines blood-and-guts action with a strongly feminist slant…a must for crime-fiction fans who like it rough.”—Booklist

“I highly recommend this series!”—Ian Rankin

“Charlie’s skills are both formidable and for real.”—Marilyn Stasio, New York Times

“Zoë Sharp and Charlie Fox both kick ass.”—Mark Billingham

“Compulsively readable.”—Spinetingler Magazine