Charlie Fox explodes into action in BAD TURN

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Zoë Sharp Bad Turn pre-order banner Charlie Fox explodes into action on the opening page of BAD TURN when she drives – literally – into the middle of a violent attempt to kidnap Helena, wife of wealthy arms dealer, Eric Kincaid, on a quiet country road in rural New Jersey. As a result, Kincaid offers Charlie a job looking after Helena. A lucky break for Charlie? Or is there more to this than meets the eye?

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For a taste of Charlie Fox in action in her latest adventure, why not read an excerpt here?

The acid test: reader reviews

Reader reviews are the acid test of a book, and where better to read them than on a website devoted exclusively to readers. At the last count, Goodreads had 70-something highly complimentary ratings and reviews of BAD TURN. Follow the link to view all the Goodreads reviews, and click [Sort order] and [Newest] if you wish to read the latest reviews first.

I am spoiled for choice but here are some of the highlights:

Maureen Carden comments: “I see the character of Charlie Fox compared to some of the top fictional male action heroes. The reviewers and blurbs have it wrong. The men should be compared to Charlie Fox.”

Linda Thomas writes: “Wow! As addictive and fast-paced as always. Charlie is her kick ass, take no prisoners self. If ever there was a heroine to look up to, it would be Charlie Fox. Tough, gritty and faced with making difficult choices, Charlie gets the job done but at what cost to her emotionally. Not to be missed.”

JT says: “Charlie Fox is back, on her own on every level (no job, no gun permit, no Sean) with an adventure that is a page-turner. Find a cozy corner and curl up because you are not going to put the book down until the finish.”

Anne writes: “Sharp has written one of the most dramatic and compelling opening chapters I have read in a long time. From the explosive opening pages to the unmasking of the villain, Bad Turn kept me up late into the night following the plot twists and revelling in Charlie’s latest exploits.”

But first, get into Charlie Fox mode by reading Book #12

All the books in the Charlie Fox series can be read as standalones but naturally it enriches the story if you know more about the characters – BAD TURN is, after all, the 13th instalment of the series.

zoe sharp fox hunterSo, just before you read BAD TURN, this is an ideal time to read (or re-read!) FOX HUNTER and find out:
• why Charlie Fox went to Iraq to investigate the grisly death of one of the men who got her Booklist Starred Review for Zoë Sharp's Fox Hunterignominiously dismissed from the Army
• why Charlie quit Parker Armstrong’s protection agency
• and the truth about Sean Meyer's disappearance.

Booklist classed it "Gritty, hard-hitting, all-around outstanding crime fiction" in their coveted Starred Review.

Follow the link for more information and to buy FOX HUNTER in Kindle, EPUB or print.

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Dancing on the Grave now in audio - and a sequel is on its way!

New audiobook editions of Dancing on the GraveDANCING ON THE GRAVE has been exceptionally well received by reviewers and readers. It’s a first outing for CSI Grace McColl and DC Nick Weston, thrown together in pursuit of a killer on the loose in the English Lake District.

I’m honoured that the book has been praised by so many readers, on many independent blogs, and on the review pages of, and Goodreads. It's available in Kindle, EPUB and print.

Ace reviewer Ted Hertel, writing in Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine, said:
Creating suspense from the opening right through to the bloody denouement, Sharp knows how to keep readers turning the pages. She understands people and what drives them to act, weapons and how they work, action and how to write it… This is a straightforward, no holds barred thriller. No one writes this kind of thing better than Zoë Sharp.

Zoë Sharp Dancing on the Grave Audio

You’ve clamoured for a follow-up, I’ve listened, I’ve found the perfect Lake District setting for a sequel, and it’s now a scheduled work-in-progress. Add this page to your favourites – better still, sign up for my newsletter and ensure that you’re kept up to date.

DANCING ON THE GRAVE is published by Oakhill Publishing and available in CD Audio and MP3 download. I’m thrilled with the quality of the recording, superbly narrated by Lewis Hancock. Thirteen hours of perfect listening, all at a modest price. It's available at  Apple.

And if you've enjoyed that, you'll also enjoy this...

The Blood Whisperer audiobook, by Zoë SharpTHE BLOOD WHISPERER is a standalone thriller featuring strong female protagonist Kelly Jacks. A former CSI who’s now a crime scene cleaner, she’s known as The Blood Whisperer because of her uncanny ability to coax evidence from the most unpromising of crime scenes.

"What a rollercoaster of a ride—and what a hardcore heroine in Kelly Jacks! This is the way to handle a thriller full of incident..."

Goodreads reviewer, Marina Sofia

The audio version is superbly narrated by Lewis Hancock, sensitively delivering the characters in his rich, English voice. His interpretation of the accent of Russian dominatrix, Myschka, is worthy of an Oscar! Judge for yourself by listening to the free audio sample on any of the following websites:

THE BLOOD WHISPERER, available in Kindle and EPUB as well as in audiobook, has been extremely well received by readers in many countries, as evidenced by their reviews on Amazon and on Goodreads.

Charlie Fox Hits Two Top Thriller Lists

zoe sharp absence of lightABSENCE OF LIGHT: Charlie Fox #11zoe sharp fox hunter is included on a list of Top International Thrillers led by powerful, ambitious women, compiled by author and journalist, Holly Watt, published on the CrimeReads site, as well as being reposted by Marshal Zeringue on Campaign For The American Reader.

I’m over the moon to have my main protagonist Charlie Fox mentioned alongside the likes of Luke Jennings’ Villanelle and Stieg Larsson’s Lisabeth Salander.

FOX HUNTER: Charlie Fox #12 has been chosen as one of the Top 9 British Thrillers That Will Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat by Wiki. What an honour, and a great crowd to be in!