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“Overturning the stones that other authors daren’t touch – the best of British crime fiction.”


The woman lies on the hard stone and takes her last breath. Her chestnut-brown eyes are frozen in panic, a deep purple bruise under her tangled hair. “No police” are her final words. “I need Blake.”

Before she received the blow that fractured her skull, formerly homeless Shannon had just got her life back on track and was always ready to help other people. But why would anyone want to kill her? And what had she discovered that had scared her so much, in the weeks before she died?

Nobody seems to care what happened to Shannon, except the woman who saw her as a big sister: Blake Claremont. Blake will forever be grateful to Shannon for helping her when she was a lonely teenager, sleeping rough on the streets of London. Now, she is determined to find out who killed her and calls upon her old friend, hardened and razor-sharp Detective John Byron.

But as they investigate, Blake and Byron realise there are more victims. Someone is killing the most vulnerable people in society. People who have fallen through the cracks. Who nobody sees, and nobody looks for.

But Blake and Byron see. And they won’t stop looking until they catch the killer.

Unless he finds them first.

A mind-blowing and totally addictive crime thriller from the bestselling author of the Charlie Fox books. Fans of Karin Slaughter, Kendra Elliot and Cara Hunter won’t be able to put this down.


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