Does BAD TURN (#13) pass your Three-Chapter Test?

Bad Turn They say that if you read the first three chapters of BAD TURN, you’ll definitely want to read the rest. Depends on the reader, of course!

One of our male readers told me he wasn't quite convinced by the end of the third chapter, but he bought the book anyway, because he's a longstanding Charlie Fox fan. Then, when he came to the hook at the end of Chapter Five, he binge-read the rest more or less at a sitting!

Another reader, a newcomer to the Charlie Fox series, says she didn't need to get as far as Chapter Three—she was convinced by the time she came to the end of that explosive first chapter.

Why don’t you read those opening three chapters now and make up your own mind?

Read Chapters One, Two, Three of BAD TURN

If BAD TURN passes your Three-Chapter Test, you’ll be in excellent company. Like this reviewer, who writes:

“Sharp has written one of the most dramatic and compelling opening chapters I have read in a long time. From the explosive opening pages to the unmasking of the villain, Bad Turn kept me up late into the night following the plot twists and revelling in Charlie’s latest exploits… I recommend it.”

Goodreads reviewer Keith Hurst, gives BAD TURN this five-star write-up:

"I have read a few Charlie Fox novels. This was clearly the best. I don’t give 5 star ratings a lot, but this one deserved it. It ticked all of the boxes. Non stop action, humour, interesting characters, enough confusion to add to the suspense and a great star. Not a robot, not Supergirl, but a fascinating study. You have me as a reader for ever."

And ace blogger, Jen Lucas, of Jen Med's Book Reviews, writes:

"What a superb character Charlie Fox is… I absolutely love the way in which Zoë Sharp feeds action into the story in a believable but edge of the seat kind of way. She has a real way of setting the scene, building the tension and escalating the thrill level that gets your adrenalin pumping… If you love a good action thriller, you will love this book. Definitely recommended."

Get into Charlie Fox mode with FOX HUNTER (Charlie Fox #12)

All the books in the Charlie Fox series can be read as standalones but naturally it enriches the story if you know more about the characters—BAD TURN is, after all, the 13th instalment of the series.

zoe sharp fox hunterSo, just before you read BAD TURN, this is an ideal time to read (or re-read!) FOX HUNTER and find out:

• why Charlie Fox went to Iraq to investigate the grisly death of one of the men who got her Booklist Starred Review for Zoë Sharp's Fox Hunterignominiously dismissed from the Army

• why Charlie quit Parker Armstrong’s protection agency

• and the truth about Sean Meyer's disappearance.

Booklist classed it "Gritty, hard-hitting, all-around outstanding crime fiction" in their coveted Starred Review.

Follow the link or click the book cover for more information and to buy FOX HUNTER.

Dancing on the Grave now in audio - and a sequel is on its way!

New audiobook editions of Dancing on the GraveDANCING ON THE GRAVE has been exceptionally well received by reviewers and readers. It’s a first outing for CSI Grace McColl and DC Nick Weston, thrown together in pursuit of a killer on the loose in the English Lake District.

I’m honoured that the book has been praised by so many readers, on many independent blogs, and on the review pages of, and Goodreads.

Ace reviewer Ted Hertel, writing in Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine, said:
Creating suspense from the opening right through to the bloody denouement, Sharp knows how to keep readers turning the pages. She understands people and what drives them to act, weapons and how they work, action and how to write it… This is a straightforward, no holds barred thriller. No one writes this kind of thing better than Zoë Sharp.

Zoë Sharp Dancing on the Grave Audio

You’ve clamoured for a follow-up, I’ve listened, I’ve found the perfect Lake District setting for a sequel, and it’s now a scheduled work-in-progress. Add this page to your favourites—better still, sign up for my newsletter and ensure that you’re kept up to date.

DANCING ON THE GRAVE is published by Oakhill Publishing and available in CD Audio and MP3 download. I’m thrilled with the quality of the recording, superbly narrated by Lewis Hancock. Thirteen hours of perfect listening, all at a modest price. It's available at  Apple.