Out Now! BONES IN THE RIVER: Book 2 of new Lakes Trilogy

Driving on a country road late at night,
you hit a child.
There are no witnesses.
You have everything to lose.
What do you do?

Bones in the River… unique characters and superb writing… plot strong enough to keep me riveted through a longer than average ebook. While the Charlie Fox series is my favourite of all, this is a different but equally enjoyable kind of thriller—gentler but no less compelling. I highly recommend.

5-star Goodreads review by The Cats’ Mother

Try before you buy
Readers tell me that, by the time they’ve read a couple of chapters of a new book, they’ve already decided whether to read the full story. I see that as a personal challenge, so here’s your chance to try BONES IN THE RIVER before you decide to buy­—it will take you less than ten minutes, so not a huge chunk out of your day.

Read the first three chapters of BONES IN THE RIVER

Buy BONES IN THE RIVER now—a story to linger over (125,000+ words in eBook, 450 pages in paperback).

While I still count Charlie Fox as my favorite literary female protagonist, Grace McColl is an endearing, smart and fascinating lead character as well and I look forward to the projected third novel in this trilogy. Grab this one as soon as it comes out—and if you haven't read Dancing on the Grave, grab that one too. You will be rewarded with hours of reading pleasure.

5-star Goodreads review by Elizabeth Robinson

The Lakes Thriller Trilogy
When I wrote DANCING ON THE GRAVE, introducing newly-qualified CSI Grace McColl and Detective Nick Weston, I intended it to be a standalone title. But the response from readers and reviewers was unanimous—“You can’t leave it there!” So, I decided to create the Lakes Thriller Trilogy, three separate stories exploring their relationships with each other and with those involved in the crimes they encounter, all set in my own home territory, the glorious English Lake District.

The second book of the trilogy, BONES IN THE RIVER, is another self-contained story that does not require the reader to have met Grace and Nick already in the previous instalment. The book is set in the same area, with quite a few returning characters as well as new ones. Like DANCING, this story is told partly from the perspective of Grace and of Nick, but also from other viewpoints.

And, if the response to BONES and Book 3 (which I'm already working on) is as good as for the first novel, there will be more to follow. But, to start with, I wanted to keep it to a containable amount and take it from there. It’s all down to the reaction of you, my readers.

DANCING ON THE GRAVE: Book 1 of new Lakes Trilogy

DANCING ON THE GRAVE, the opening book in the Lakes Trilogy, is your chance to meet CSI Grace McColl and Detective Nick Weston in their original joint venture, tracking down a killer on the loose in the Lake District.

A sniper with a mission…
a young cop with nothing to lose…
a CSI with everything to prove…
a teenage girl with a terrifying obsession.

An action-packed crime thriller, mixed with procedural that will have you racing through the pages—this taut, terrifying and superbly tantalising novel will have you desperate for more.

Noelle Holten, CrimeBookJunkie

Try before you buy
Care to try before you buy? Click here to read the first three chapters—I'm sure that will convince you to buy this first book in the Lakes trilogy.

Buy DANCING ON THE GRAVE in the usual formats from your preferred retailer. Don't miss the audio versions, superbly related by Lewis Hancock. It's available in eBook formats at a bargain price of only £2.99 until the launch of BONES IN THE RIVER on 26th May.

BAD TURN (#13): Charlie Fox tangles with the arms trade in US and Europe

Charlie Fox has quit her job in close protection, been turned out of her New York apartment and is apparently out of options. Why else would she be working for a shady arms dealer? BAD TURN starts in New Jersey but the action soon moves over to Europe—to a private island on an Italian lake and an ancient chateau in the French countryside. And, as is always the case with Charlie, trouble goes along for the ride.

They say that if you read the first three chapters of BAD TURN, you’ll definitely want to read the rest. Why don’t you read them now and make up your own mind?

Read Chapters One, Two, Three of BAD TURN

Sharp has written one of the most dramatic and compelling opening chapters I have read in a long time. From the explosive opening pages to the unmasking of the villain, Bad Turn kept me up late into the night following the plot twists and revelling in Charlie’s latest exploits… I recommend it.

If, like this reviewer, you are willing to risk being kept up late into the night, buy BAD TURN now, and begin reading right away!

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