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BAD TURN (Charlie Fox #13) is out now!

Does the new Charlie Fox book pass your Three-Chapter Test?

Bad Turn

They say that if you read the first three chapters of BAD TURN, you’ll definitely want to read the rest of the book. Why don’t you read those opening three chapters now and make up your own mind?

Read Chapters One, Two, Three of BAD TURN

If BAD TURN passes your Three-Chapter Test, you’ll be in excellent company. The goodreads website, home of dedicated readers, has accumulated a superb portfolio of over 130 ratings and 70+ reviews (average 4.76 stars), like this 5-star review by goodreads reader, Anne:

“Sharp has written one of the most dramatic and compelling opening chapters I have read in a long time. From the explosive opening pages to the unmasking of the villain, Bad Turn kept me up late into the night following the plot twists and revelling in Charlie’s latest exploits… I recommend it.”

It's time to read the rest of the story
If BAD TURN passes your Three-Chapter Test, now’s the time to click the buttons below to buy the book and read the rest of the story. Enjoy!

Click here for my Blog Tour agenda , beginning Friday, September 27th

Blog Tour Day 1: Charlie Fox on the loose in Europe
Zoë explains why she chooses a different setting for each book in the Charlie Fox series. Here she reveals how she researched locations for BAD TURN in France and Italy.
Blog courtesy of Ayo Onatade, Shotsmag Confidential

Blog Tour Day 2: Real People as Fictional Characters
Zoë freely aknowledges that she 'borrows' characteristics or mannerisms from real-life people to create the fictional beings in her writings. But can you tell which characters in BAD TURN actually are real people?
Blog courtesy of Abby Slater-Fairbrother of Anne Bonny Book Reviews

Blog Tour Day 3: Review of BAD TURN
"Charlie Fox is such a great main protagonist, clearly defined and engaging and every book flies by, page turning quality in every one. I love that you are never quite sure where they will end up. Really excellent thrillers. Recommended."
Blog and review courtesy of Liz Barnsley of Liz Loves Books

Blog Tour Day 4: Dysfunctional Crime Family
Charlie Fox novels are action-filled but they also explore the effect that events have on Charlie herself as well as on the other characters. What makes people tick. How far they can be pushed. And, in the end, what makes them break.
Blog courtesy of Judith Baxter of Growing Younger Each Day
Don't miss Judith's perceptive review of Bad Turn.

Blog Tour Day 5: Talking Location With author Zoë Sharp—New Jersey
Zoë recalls an occasion when she hired a car at Newark Airport and explored rural New Jersey. The winding roads bordered by woods, with very little traffic, triggered thoughts of an ambush and that became the opening scene in BAD TURN. The action moves from New Jersey to France and Italy but takes place almost exclusively in rural locations.
Blog courtesy of Tina Hartas of

Blog Tour Day 6: Changes Through the Series
From the very beginning of the Charlie Fox series, Zoë knew that Charlie was going to develop and grow from book to book. This blog traces her development from the initial episode in KILLER INSTINCT right through to BAD TURN (#13). Zoë also speculates on the future role of Charlie's partner, Sean, whom she misses, she says, “the way she'd miss a severed limb.”
Blog courtesy of Sarah Hardy of By the Letter Book Reviews

Blog Tour Day 7: Karen Cole Highly Recommends BAD TURN
“Charlie Fox is an outstanding lead character and the first person narrative allows readers to get really close to the action and to her response to the violent world she inhabits… BAD TURN is a cracking action thriller with a complex, shocking plot and in Charlie Fox, one of the best protagonists in the genre. Hugely enjoyable and highly recommended.”
Review and review courtesy of Karen Cole of Hair Past a Freckle

Blog Tour Day 8: "Another absolutely cracking instalment... definitely recommended"
“The book is full of tension, of high action and high jeopardy scenes in which you’ll feel your heart rate pick up. It’s everything you could want from an action thriller, with a good dose of emotion and heart added too. The author draws both the romantic and trusting nature of the Kincaid’s relationship and the high velocity scenes of the ambush with equal skill and ease, taking the reader on one hell of a roller coaster ride that blends thrills and humour seamlessly. Another absolutely cracking instalment and definitely recommended.”
Review courtesy of Jen Lucas of Jen Med's Book Reviews

Blog Tour Day 9: HEroes vs SHEroes
Zoë tells how she found women portrayed in early thrillers she read as passive characters, whose only role was “to be rescued by the hero, scream in a firefight and tend to the wounded.” She wanted to read about women who could do their own rescuing, scream a war cry, deal wounds out rather than deal with them. So she created the Charlie Fox series—BAD TURN is #13—which has seen Charlie go from teaching self-defence in a northern English city to working for a top New York close-protection agency.
Blog courtesy of Sharon Bairden of Chapter In My Life

Blog Tour Day 10: Crime Book Junkie adores Charlie Fox
“…With an explosive opening that instantly grabs the reader, Bad Turn will have you racing through the pages! …Full of suspense and tension, the author once again has nailed it—a brilliant narrative and action-packed read—it was like watching a movie in my mind. Superb!”
Blog and review courtesy of Noelle Holten of Crime Book Junkie