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'Love is deadlier the second time around.'

Ginger and Jack are both former soldiers from the Balkan wars of the 1990s. Time, chance and bloodshed force them apart. Twenty years later chance brings them back together—older, possibly wiser certainly richer. Jack has never married… Ginger has… And the one obstacle in their way is her ex-husband, Franco.

The intriguing combination of historical espionage thriller author John Lawton, and action thriller author Zoë Sharp, has produced a gripping crime novella about loyalty, betrayal, love and revenge, with action stretching from the Balkan Wars to modern-day Tuscany, from the glaciers of Iceland to the deceptively calm waters of the Mediterranean.

ASIN: B01LDWH60K     eBook: 9781909344365

“Well, this was a rather unexpected ‘extra’ from the pen of Zoe Sharp and John Lawton! A rather snazzy story, with a little more sauciness than Zoe Sharp’s Charlie Fox series. Think ‘boy meets girl’, but 20 years on, with guns as well as shenanigans. A quick read, easily read in one sitting; I actually could have read more of ‘what happened next’!”—ScotKris on Amazon