"I highly recommend this series!” ~Ian Rankin

This box set covers the start of Charlie Fox's international career in close protection, as a bodyguard, which is the main theme of the Charlie Fox series. It begins in Florida. The next episode moves to Ireland, and the third book sees Charlie shot and injured pursuing her risky profession in New England, USA.

Read Lee Child's Foreword to KILLER INSTINCT

If you like strong yet believable female protagonists, who will take down the bad guys without hesitation but who are still human enough to care, then Charlie Fox is definitely for you. Readers have found books in this series an action-packed thrill ride that kept them glued to the end, well-written, gritty, and hard to put down. Real page-turners.

This eBoxset #2 offers books 4 to 6 in the long-running Charlie Fox series. If you want to find out Charlie's backstory—how she got back on her feet after being kicked out of the Army, and how she began working again with Sean Meyer—you may want to start at the beginning, either with KILLER INSTINCT #01, or with CHARLIE FOX: THE EARLY YEARS eBoxset #1, which has the first three titles. If you want to join her as she begins her new career as a bodyguard, you’ve come to the right place.

She’s on the run. With a scared kid. In a strange country.
It should have been an easy introduction to Charlie’s new career as a bodyguard. She just has to look after the gawky fifteen-year-old son of a rich computer programmer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The last thing anyone expected was a determined attempt to snatch the boy, or that his father and their entire close protection team would disappear off the face of the earth at the same time. Alone and on the run, she must work out why somebody wants the boy badly enough to kill anyone who gets in their way.

Live fast. Die soon. Not if she can help it.
Charlie is back in the UK, trying to work out both her personal and professional future, when she’s caught up in the aftermath of a fatal motorcycle ‘accident’ involving her closest friends. The only way to find out what really happened is to infiltrate a group of illegal road racers who appear hell-bent on living fast and dying young.

Taking risks is something that Charlie knows all about, but by the time she finds out what's at stake, it might be too late to stop them all becoming road kill…

She’d die to save a child. Would she kill for one?
Charlie’s latest assignment is to protect Simone and her daughter Ella from the unwanted attentions of an ex-boyfriend. Right from the start, Simone’s refusal to accept the new security measures puts them in danger.

After a bloody shoot-out in a frozen New England forest, Charlie is left fighting for her life. As she struggles to recover from her injuries, her only thought is to keep Ella safe. But this time, Charlie’s in no fit state to protect anyone, least of all herself…

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From the author's notebook

The idea for FIRST DROP came to me while I was still working as a photographer. I was out in Daytona Beach, Florida, covering the annual Spring Break Nationals—a major car and car stereo event. During the weekend, the kids strut their stuff by driving up and down the main drag, showing off their rides and their tunes.

As I stood by the side of the road with my camera, it occurred to me that if you were on the run with a teenage kid, this would be the perfect place to hide in plain sight. The story of Charlie Fox’s first proper close-protection job began to take shape.

For ROAD KILL, I came across a snippet in a local Lancaster newspaper, reporting the number of fatal motorcycle accidents that had occurred along a particular stretch of road between Lancaster and Devil’s Bridge (a local bikers’ haunt) at Kirkby Lonsdale. The report said the crashes had no other vehicles involved. That started me thinking—what if there were other vehicles? And what it all wasn’t quite so accidental?

Also, I’d spent a lot of time in Ireland—north and south of the border—during the tail-end of the Troubles. I was struck by what a beautiful country it was, and how the only thing most people knew about it was the violence. I wanted to show both sides of this story.

SECOND SHOT has Charlie Fox firmly in the role of bodyguard in her own right. It does not go smoothly, as the title suggests. They say you should create constant conflict for your characters by putting them up trees and throwing rocks at them.

In Charlie’s case, it has always been a feature of her character that she is an expert in self-defence. So, I wanted to see what happened when she was stripped of her physical ability to take on all-comers. She has to approach dealing with trouble in a completely different way…

If eBoxset #1 is the formation of Charlie Fox’s character from self-defence teacher to close-protection trainee, then this eBoxset sees her bodyguard career take off with a bang!

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Before you decide to buy CHARLIE FOX: BODYGUARD, you may care to sample the three books in the box set. Simply click on a book title below to read an excerpt specially chosen to give you the flavour of the story.

First Drop

Road Kill

Second Shot