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I highly recommend this series!

Ian Rankin, author of the Inspector Rebus crime series

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KILLER INSTINCT: #01—He thought she was an easy target. He was wrong.
Charlie Fox is teaching self-defence to battered women. When her work brings her to the attention of a vicious rapist, will her skills be enough to save herself—and those she cares about most?

RIOT ACT: #02—Fear kept people down. Until she helped them make a stand.
Charlie Fox is supposed to be dog-sitting for a friend, not leading the resistance, but what’s a girl to do when the woman’s housing estate turns into an urban battlefield? She is more than able to take care of herself, until a ghost from her Army past comes calling. Someone she was trying very hard to forget…

HARD KNOCKS: #03—The British Army let her go. Big mistake.
Charlie Fox didn’t really care who shot dead her ex-army comrade during a bodyguard course in Germany. But when old flame Sean Meyer asks her to go undercover at the elite training school and find out what happened, she just can’t refuse.

She expected training to be tough, but will she graduate from this school of hard knocks alive?

Binge-Read Three Episodes and Enjoy!
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ASIN: B08D9HHWZ6     eBook: 9781909344532

Binge-Read Three Episodes and Enjoy!
Amazon Goodreads Reviews