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Fox Five Reloaded

‘Charlie Fox. In short bites. With sharp teeth.’

This short story collection follows ex-Special Forces soldier turned bodyguard, Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Fox, from a disused viaduct in Lancashire, via the wilds of Dartmoor, swanky Long Island, and a spa hotel in the Catskill Mountains, to exotic Casablanca and the war-torn Middle East. Danger and thrills go along for the ride.

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A Bridge Too Far

Postcards From Another Country

Served Cold

Off Duty

Truth And Lies

Across The Broken Line

Kill Me Again Slowly

Risk Assessment


FOX FIVE RELOADED: Charlie Fox. In short bites. With sharp teeth.
Meet Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Fox—ex-Special Forces soldier turned self-defence expert and bodyguard—protagonist of Zoë Sharp’s award-winning, highly acclaimed crime thriller series. (Note, the first five stories in this collection were published in the original Charlie Fox short story collection, Fox Five).

In A Bridge Too Far, we meet Charlie Fox before she’s become a professional in the world of close protection. When she agrees to hang out with the local Dangerous Sports Club, she has no idea how soon it will live up to its name.

Postcards From Another Country has Charlie Fox guarding the ultra-rich Dempsey family against attempted assassination—no matter where the danger lies.

A finalist for the CWA Short Story Dagger, Served Cold puts another tough woman centre stage—the mysterious Layla, with betrayal in her past and murder in her heart.

Off Duty finds Charlie Fox taking time away from close protection after injury. She still finds trouble, even in an out-of-season health spa in the Catskill Mountains.

A longer story than the others, Truth And Lies puts all Charlie Fox’s skills and ingenuity to the test as she has to single-handedly extract a news team from a rapidly escalating war zone.

And now, for Fox Five Reloaded, there are another FOUR Charlie Fox stories included.

In Across The Broken Line, we follow Charlie Fox through a fragmented timescale of cross and double-cross as she fights to keep her principal alive—whoever that might turn out to be.

Taking on the bad guys is hard enough for Charlie Fox in the real world, never mind in the alternate reality of Kill Me Again Slowly, where literally anything could happen. (Originally included in the Anthony Award-winning anthology, Murder Under The Oaks.)

In Risk Assessment, a serial killer’s method of selecting his victims is immaculately conceived and carried out with ruthless precision and seemingly nothing left to chance. But sometimes even the most carefully thought-out plans can go awry.

And finally, Hounded is my take on the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle classic, Hound Of The Baskervilles. This was originally written for the anthology For The Sake Of The Game, short stories inspired by the Sherlock Holmes’ canon. My version brings Holmes into modern day and into contact with Charlie Fox. But Charlie isn’t on the moors to hunt the infamous hound. She has altogether different prey in mind…