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"Zoë Sharp is at the top of her game"

New York Times best-selling author, Harlan Coben

The uncanny abilities of London crime-scene specialist Kelly Jacks to coax evidence from the most unpromising of crime scenes once earned her the nickname of The Blood Whisperer.

Then six years ago all that changed. Kelly woke next to the butchered body of a man, the knife in her hands and no memory of what happened. She trusted the evidence to prove her innocent. It betrayed her.

Now released after serving her sentence for involuntary manslaughter, Kelly must try to piece her life back together. The only work she can get is for the crime-scene cleaning firm run by her former mentor. When her instincts tell her things are not as they appear at the scene of a routine suicide, she can’t help but ask questions that somebody does not want answered.

Branded a killer once again, Kelly is soon fleeing from police, Russian thugs, and a local gangster. But she acquired a new set of skills on the inside. Now street-smart and wary, can she use everything she’s learned to evade capture and stay alive long enough to clear her name?

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ASIN:B097LN2VMB     eBook: 9781909344792     Print: 9781909344808

Top-quality audio for The Blood Whisperer
The Blood Whisperer audiobook

Publisher: Oakhill Publishing
Narrator: Lewis Hancock
Format: Audiobook (11 CDs) ISBN: 9781399105649
MP3: (2 CDs) ISBN: 9781399105004
Audio Download: (Subscribers/Libraries) ISBN: 9781399105387
Listening Length: 13 hours 39 minutes

Treat yourself to a six-minute audio taster from this tense crime thriller.
Chapter 91: It begins: “Kelly came round to the smell of the sawmill and the violent clatter of iron on wood. She was face down on a scratchy surface that gave slightly under her when she floundered up to hands and knees. That was as far as she got for a while, blinking as she tried to clear her head.

Will you choose Kindle, eBook? print? or almost 14 hours of perfect bedtime listening (or maybe as you commute)?

“I loved every moment of this brilliant, mind-twisting thriller.”—Elizabeth Haynes.

“What an enjoyable and compelling read… Kelly is a fantastic almost Reacher-esque character. Hope to hear more from her!”—Jane Fenn, on Goodreads.

“…kept me hooked from the first page. Wrongful imprisonment, blood droplets, suicide or was it? Intelligent and interesting. Messy plot twists that gave a real life feel and refreshingly human characters… A splendid read—enjoy!”—Amazon UK reader, Outlaw-in-Exile.

Amazon Hive IndieBound NOOK Goodreads Reviews